Employee orientation

  • Orientation psychometrics
  • Orientation training
  • Setting orientation processes
  • Orientation plans
  • Online psychometrics

„From a functional element to a functional process, from a well-performing individual to a well-performing team.“

Correct orientation in a given position is a significant aspect following the selection – and subsequent employment – of the selected candidate, now a new employee. Thus, quick and effective integration of the employee in the operation of the company and its processes shall be considered the most important step to be taken, as it leads to the merging of the individual and company team into a whole. How can this be achieved? We will assist you! Ideally with the use of online psychometrics which will tell us everything about the competencies and motivations of the employee in question, and then, on this basis, we will draw up an individual orientation plan with the employee’s strengths and weaknesses taken into account. In addition to the above, we are also able to set a standardised orientation process for your company in a way that ensures that employees perform efficiently as quickly as possible. From a functional element to a functional process, from an efficient individual to an efficient team.