Online psychometrics

Lead the charge! Thanks to cut-e online psychometrics.

YellowCouch is the exclusive distributor of cut-e/Aon Assessment Solutions diagnostics within the CEE region. We create smart solutions with the use of innovative and accurate online tests and questionnaires. Ours is a globally preferred diagnostics tool for those HR personnel, managers, and executive directors who require only the best.


What can we measure?

  • Key abilities, competencies, and behaviours
  • Managerial and trade potential
  • Team cooperation
  • Motivation
  • Creativity and innovative potential
  • Digital and language competencies
  • 360° staff assessment
  • Other parameters for successful work performance

Online diagnostics will accurately measure both your present and future employees and what you can expect from them. Simona Justinová, HR manager, E.On

Why YellowCouch?

  • Largest local data (norms)
  • Highest possible validity and reliability
  • Fastest results delivered directly to your table
  • Most accurate diagnostics on any device
  • Best evaluation of interpreters
  • Immediate online help for you as well as your staff
  • Broad spectrum of languages available
  • Extensive experience with online psychometrics in both Czech and Slovak markets
  • We have always been “cut-e inside“ – since 2006.

Select the most suitable tools and browse our portfolio of tests and questionnaires.

We are psychometrics enthusiast and pioneers of online diagnostics in the CEE market. Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to connect expert psychology with managerial/HR practice in a functional unit.

How can psychodiagnostics help you and your staff? You will be able to:

  • Focus on the best candidates around.
  • Recognise candidate talent immediately.
  • Reduce successful recruitment time significantly.
  • Determine parameters leading to success and higher profitability.
  • Identify the best employees in the company.
  • Employ people who will remain in your company longer than others.
  • Determine the potential for further development and promotion of employees.
  • Increase performance through assessment and efficient feedback.

What do particular solutions look like? Watch our webinar.

The latest web technology in your company’s colours. Available also in a mobile version.

Our diagnostics tool is interactive, mobile, gamified, and “serious“. It is also available for all devices.

References – over 1,200 satisfied clients

How does it work?

Are you planning to test individuals?

For the diagnostics of individual persons, send a description of the position or your requirements for key diagnosed behaviours, motivations, and performances to

Are you planning to test larger groups of people?

For the diagnostics of larger groups of people a personal meeting is recommended to discuss recruitment or development solutions.

With your assistance we will draw up an accurate competency model, set a test battery, arrange the form of resultant analyses, and take complete care of the administration of your candidates and of any related technical support. The results are subsequently interpreted by experts with years of experience (Václav Coubal and Filip Hrkal) and incorporate the latest technologies, such as chatbots and virtual reality.

We will also teach you to interpret the results. 

Do you want to be able to interpret the results of psychometrics in a professional way? If so, you can use our Interpretation training (dates are announced approx. once a month). Over 1,000 people have attended our certified Interpretation training.

What awaits the candidate?

The candidate will receive an e-mail containing a link and system log-in details. After logging in, the candidate will be asked to fill in input data and then will complete a test battery consisting of interactive tests and questionnaires available in one of more than 70 languages. We will compare their results with the overall adult population to ensure objectivity.

It is also possible to send feedback to the candidate or to arrange a telephone interpretation of their results (approx. 30 minutes per person).

And finally, you will receive the results of individuals, whole teams or the entire company.