Online psychometrics. Talent analytics. Virtual Reality (VR). 
YellowCouch, the exclusive distributor of cut-e An Aon company products on the CEE market, offers a wide range of services in recruitment, human resources management and development and identifying employee potential. We strive to make cooperation with us enjoyable for you, to facilitate your work, and to deliver a timely, reliable and objective result – that is, an added value and a competitive advantage for your business. Our motto „Make your HR comfy“ encapsulates our drive to fulfil your wishes and needs and to deliver a convenient and swift solution.

HR Technologie

HR Technologies

Virtual Assessment Centres
Talent analytics (Big Data)
AI - Artificial Intelligence
SurveyBot YC&FeedYou
Virtual Reality in HR

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Předvýběr zaměstnanců

Pre-application testing

Determining key criteria
Creating competency profiles
Candidate psychometrics
Effective filters for reliable selection
Online psychometrics

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Nábor zaměstnanců

Employee recruitment

Assessment Centres
Competency Based Interviews
Individual psychometrics
Competency model and role playing
Online psychometrics

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Adaptace zaměstnanců

Employee orientation

Employee orientation
Orientation psychometrics
Setting orientation processes
Orientation plans
Online psychometrics

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Rozvoj zaměstnanců

Employee development

360° feedback 
Diagnostics for development
Training, Team Building, Outdoor
Development Centres
Coaching, Mentoring

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Oslovení talentů

Talent acquisition

HR Marketing
Creating attractive job ads
Creating job descriptions
Talent acquisition diagnostics
Gamified solutions

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online reviews per year (cut-e)
trained employees
satisfied corporate customers
successfully filled positions

Selected references

Complete list of references

„Once again, we have approached Václav and Filip about the acquisition of employees. Employees previously selected by their proposed solutions are among our best staff.

Dominika Tatárová, Penta Investments


„I am very pleased to have found in YellowCouch a flexible and fully competent provider of online diagnostic solutions, in particular thanks to the friendly business partners: Filip Hrkal and Václav Coubal, as well as the other members of their team. I strongly recommend cooperation with them.

René Pražák, ISG personal management CEE


„We have learned to properly manage and organize 360° feedback particularly thanks to Václav and Filip, who kept surprising us with their willingness, individual approach and helpfulness. The result of the cooperation has been successful long-term development of our employees.“ 

Ivana Majerová, STILL ČR


„Thanks to their high-quality work, we decided to use YellowCouch services in our upcoming projects in the area of Assessment and Development Centres. The result is long-term cooperation lasting several years.“

Simona Justinová, E.On Česká republika