Dear business partners and friends,

This website and our common vision, represented by YellowCouch, are the result of fifteen years of work in the field of HR and technology for diagnostics and the development of human capabilities, motivations and potential.

When the two of us met many years ago, we had no idea that one day we would manage the CEE branch of a company that annually tests over 15 million people globally (cut-e), that we would develop contacts with leading HR partners in more than 20 countries worldwide, or that would have over 1,400 satisfied clients on the CEE market.

All of that has come true.

And it has come true thanks to several pillars that we have built on. The first pillar is the premium quality of our services and immediate support of our team, regardless of the size of the client.

The second pillar is the fact that we have always brought the best things available abroad to the Czech market, as well as to the CEE market. And to our foreign partners, we represent a guarantee of services consistently delivered at the requisite quality. Originally, our offer was limited to the products of cut-e, the company that we represent, but in recent years we have added other global partners as the portfolio of our services has grown.

The third pillar is a combination of the maximum added value of experts on a given topic (i.e. labour) and data (i.e. technologies), in a way that ensures an even balance between the two components and that together they form – as in the case of a good recipe – a reliable and appetising outcome.

The fourth pillar is a certain „effacing“ of the financial goals of our company (sic). Although it may seem strange, since we often help our clients with this aspect, for our own activities we believe (and the rate of our growth proves us to be correct) that our business should not be „pushed“ but driven by joint win-win solutions.

The last pillar is freedom. Regardless of our growth, we are and will always be a family enterprise that builds on competencies, i.e. a combination of the responsibility, authority and freedom of all our employees. So that they enjoy helping you, our clients, with your needs in the area of staff recruitment and development, every day.

Upon these pillars, and on the basis of cut-e which we have been representing for fifteen years, YellowCouch was born.

A company that is synonymous with successful, modern and pleasant cooperation. A company that does its best every singe day to achieve its motto:

„Make your HR comfy.“

Filip Hrkal a Václav Coubal

Managing Directors


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