Interpreting diagnostics may be a tough nut to crack. Especially without previous experience or adequate training. All of that may certainly be caught up on, but sometimes there is no time or the number of the tested is just too high for telephone or personal interpretations. Or lower positions are concerned and employing personal feedback would be too costly. Or, on the contrary, the yearly number of the tested is so small that further education in this area will simply not pay off.

Regardless of your reasons, we understand them. However, we also understand the fact that both the times and technology have moved on. And that’s why we are bringing Vinter – the world’s first virtual interpreter with artificial intelligence..


“Vinter is your first real virtual friend. Both in your PC and your smartphone.“


Vinter is here for you 24/7/365. It is the result of several years of development by experts in psychometrics and IT/VR, it can interpret all our tests as well as all shapes, views and Adept-15 questionnaires. Just download the App, upload a report in your computer – and listen!

But Vinter is not just an ordinary tool; it is able to interpret the results of individuals as well as groups, compare, select the best candidate, and even teach you the basics of psychometrics!

You can download Vinter below or in GooglePlay and iOS store.

mapTQ reports to be interpreted in Vinter must be generated in ENGLISH. The interpretation itself then always takes place in the language you select directly in the application.


List of supported mapTQ reports:

  • shapes – competency report (for competency questionnaire interpretation)
  • views – benchmark report (for motivational questionnaire interpretation)
  • combined benchmark report (for any test interpretation)

Note: Reports may be uploaded to Vinter only in PC; output listening and all other functions are available both in PC and smartphones. Please never change the name of downloaded reports from mapTQ – otherwise Vinter will not upload them.

Note: In rare cases your antivirus SW might be blocking the download/installation of the file (esp. If the connection during download is slower). In that case the app is not fully downloaded and therefore corrupted. The solution might be to download it again and/or turn off Antivirus and/or – download it as a .zip file from here.