HR Technologies

“It is not the amount of data you have that matters, but how you see it.”

You have a lot of valuable data in your company. When you look at it correctly, you will gain a competitive advantage and a lead. And this is exactly what we can help you with.

Think smart and be miles ahead of the competition. Create a database containing competences, motivations, potential and KPIs of all your employees to obtain a simple and convenient overview of what you need to know. Why waste your time, energy and finances for the recruitment of external candidates when you may have competent employees in the company – make use of internal resources, too!

Keep track of key talents in your company. Take advantage of modern technologies in current HR management for better and faster identification and subsequent employment of both internal and external candidates.

We are the first to bring robots with artificial intelligence onto the Czech market, which are able to play the role of an assistant and help HR and line managers conduct competency based interviews (CBI). Contact us for more information and be the first to involve robotic automation in the HR processes of your company.