First Aid with Psychometrics

  1. Address is not loaded.

If you have written a link to your browser, the link may be invalid.

Please try to provide a link in one of the following forms:

If the problem persists, contact us and wait for our help.


  1. I can not log in, but I’m on the right page.

If the system, after entering Login ID, reports that the Login ID was wrong, the problem is most often that CapsLock and NumLock are on / off. Keep in mind that Login-ID contains both small and large letters and numbers, so please make sure you are really sure you are entering the login ID correctly. Also check the frequent replacement of the letters „z“ and „y“.

Also, make sure you do not copy the Login-ID from the email, specifically from the Invitations to Test

even with a space that is not part of the Login ID.

If the problem persists, contact us and wait for our help.


  1. Despite repeated attempts, I can not run the questionnaire / test.

If your computer calls you to install different plug-ins, do it. Do not worry, the plugins we use are completely safe.

In addition, without installing it, it will not be possible to fill the tool.

If you can not run the tool, try restarting your computer and try another web browser. If the problem persists, contact us and wait for our help.


  1. In which browser is the best testing to go?

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser that most supports all tools. Also suitable for Mozilla Firefox or MS Explorer.


  1. The test / questionnaire blocked me. I see a lock symbol on the tool. Why did that happen?

In this case, please contact our Hotline and request unblocking from the administrator. Please make sure that you have provided all the test data (your name and email under which you are logged in) and the specific block that you blocked.

The most common reason for blocking the tool is the Internet’s downtime by the test. Scheduled mapTQ updates on our site are minimal, and they occur occasionally and in the early hours of the week when the bidders do not limit.


  1. I completed the test, but the system reports that the data was not sent!

There are two ways to maintain this situation.

If you do not see a code message after completing and blocking the test, the procedure is the same as the previous question 6 – it is necessary to contact the administrator / hotline with the necessary data.

If you see a code message, ask the system to copy and send to In this case, please follow the instructions and send the message to the email.

For the most effective solution, please add a copy of this email and our hotline.


  1. What tool do I need to start?

Unless otherwise stated by the HR or the tester who commissioned the test, it is entirely up to you to start the tool. What is important, however, is that once you start with any tool (this is what the test / questionnaire will do after reading the instructions and testing the test example), it is necessary to complete it. Otherwise, the tool will be blocked as it is interrupted.

If you end up with one tool, you do not have to continue with the remaining toolbar immediately (just complete the tool that was started – see the previous paragraph). Here, however, it is important to respect the deadline, a term that has been set by the sponsor to complete all the tasks.


If you have not found the answer here, do not hesitate to contact us on e-mail address or on +420 773 552 883. The Hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:30.