Employee recruitment

„We have local and international experience in the development, preparation and implementation of recruitment solutions.“

A correctly set Assessment Centre will reveal whether a tested candidate fits in your team, i.e. whether the candidate is suitable for the position in question and can become a fully-fledged part of your team. You will find out how the candidate behaves and reacts in various situations. We have both local and international experience in the development, preparation, implementation and evaluation of assessment centres. Whether you consider adopting a comprehensive solution, or you need help with only one of the above, we are the right choice for you. Within an AC we always combine the client’s competency model with role playing (obtaining the exercises from you, or developing them internally), competency interview, tests and questionnaires. Our evaluators undergo annual intensive training in role playing in the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, UK and U.S.A.

With interviews focused on competencies we are able to provide you and your line managers with complete source material for conducting the interview, tailored to your needs, including questions you may require. This solution may have a standard (paper) form, or a fully-automated form linked to online psychometrics.

Individual psychometric diagnostics reliably reveals the candidate’s strengths and development areas. For more information on psychometrics and their capabilities see the separate section „Online psychometrics“.