Employee development


“A combination of the latest technologies and longtime experience leads to entirely anonymous and exceptionally reliable online measurement.”

360° feedback (multi-rater feedback) is an effective development tool. “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Why do we rank ourselves, perhaps immodestly, among the latter? First, we combine the most accurate technologies that enable completely anonymous and reliable online measurement of both self-evaluation and external input from their superiors, colleagues, subordinates, as well as internal and external customers. Second, our team will guarantee the initial communication is carried out in a way that ensures the tool is fully accepted; i.e. people will understand why to complete it and will do so happily and accurately. Add our experience in the delivery and application of feedback in numerous world languages and it is evident your company is in the lead, gaining clear and objective development of all your key employees.


“Development Centre – a comprehensive tool for the visible development of your employees.”

As with the Assessment Centre, correctly set Development Centres reveal the strengths and development areas of your key employees.  During a single meeting you will find out how they behave and react in various situations. We have both local and international experience in the development, preparation, implementation and evaluation of development centres. Whether you consider adopting a comprehensive solution, or you need help with only one of the above, we can assist. We always combine your competency model with role playing (obtaining the exercises from you, or developing them internally). Additionally, we routinely carry out competency interviews, tests and questionnaires. As already mentioned with the Assessment Centres, our assessors undergo annual intensive training in role playing in the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, UK and U.S.A. And they also have practical experience with leading and managing companies. Thus, by working with us you get the best professionals on the market with both theoretical and practical experience.


“Real managerial experience, practical and international business experience, strong coach personality, psychological education, respect and leadership, pleasant presentation and demeanour, and language skills. Simply: YellowCouch.”

Both coaching and mentoring are rather extensive HR areas. However, we are blazing a quick and efficient trail, and here are some secrets to our success: real managerial experience, practical and international business experience, strong coach personality, psychological education, respect and leadership, pleasant presentation and demeanour, and language skills. So if you are looking for a coach for your key employees who has these qualities, adequate theory and maximum practice, we are the right supplier for you. And what’s more – we are not afraid or very difficult cases of people who initially refuse coaching, or situations that appear to be “insoluble”.


“We like playing in YellowCouch.”

Besides other activities, we like playing in YellowCouch. For those who would like to play with us we offer outdoor and teambuilding events, both in the Czech Republic and in exclusive destinations abroad (U.S.A., Scotland, Israel, Slovenia, Malta). At the same time we are able to organise and prepare programme for extensive corporate events with elements of teambuliding (such as Christmas or summer employee events); we have experience in organising events for both small groups and large companies of 600 or more employees.


„Easy and effective development of competencies crucial to your business.“

Diagnostics for employee development include tests and questionnaires powered by cut-e, whose sole representatives we have been for the past 15 years. By using the correct combination of tests and questionnaires and the resulting development messages we provide HR specialists and line managers with effective source materials. Thus, they have an effective tool available for the easy and specific development of their employees and all team members.


“We have twenty-five years of experience with training.”

We are #1 among dozens of reputable training agencies. Why? Because we are neither trainers nor lecturers. More precisely, we do not apply their typical approach. We are business-oriented coaches with longtime experience, but also with respect for the people we train and their businesses. We always adapt the training to the particular company, culture and participants. We do not use any unified training programmes, repeated over and over. Often, we go first to see the client’s environment and the work content of the people to be trained. We always interconnect both our and your training and educational programmes with a longer-term strategy in order to avoid one-time training with no long-term effect. In addition, we often include diagnostics of individual participants in the training to be able to deal with them individually and with a view to achieving specific objectives. Our training courses are always highly evaluated for being practical and natural. All of this makes us unique and our clients successful.

Regarding training activities, our company has two separate divisions:

Psychometrics – offers training and lecturing for HR staff and line managers. Its objective is to use all psychometric products in your company in the correct and most effective way (more here).

Training – thanks to the extensive experience of coaches and lecturers this division provides soft-skills training, i.e. sales and managerial skills and  specialised LEGO Serious Play™ workshops for all categories of employees.

Please feel free to contact us for a complete offer of training courses.